ICT Suite Design and Build

Specifying and installing a school ICT suite needs care and understanding. Unlike generic IT companies, Trusol works only with schools. As a result, we’ve developed extensive expertise in designing & building ICT suites that really support teaching and learning through technology. 

ICT Suite Design and Build

An ICT suite is a major investment for any school and its design and layout are just as important as the equipment it holds. As technology and learning evolve, the environment surrounding it must be flexible enough to do the same.

ICT spaces should be practical and uncluttered, equipped to keep pace with emerging technologies, while offering optimum flexibility for individual study and collaborative learning across different age and ability groups.


The best starting point for an ICT suite design is a clear understanding of how it will be used and who will use it. Desk height will need to be suitable, from 460mm for nursery to 730mm for high school students or adult environments.


Workspace widths of around 800mm are recommended to support the allocated hardware in a comfortable and relatively spacious work area but these ideals may need to be compromised if room sizes are limited.


Cables need to be managed properly to maximise reliability and make things look neat and tidy. Wi-Fi, audio solutions and video conferencing may also be required and Trusol will take all these factors into account when designing and planning your ICT Suite.


The choice of computers or mobile devices that the students will use is often the easiest part of the specification and Trusol can supply good quality PCs and tablets from a range of manufacturers (insert relevant link) including Apple.


The choice, location and setup of the server is  more difficult and sizing the network can be complex.


Peripherals, like printers, visualisers, a main display and teacher workstation facilities have to be chosen and added to the design. Even power distribution needs planning, even a small ICT suite can require upwards of 100 power sockets!


This may seem a silly question, but in fact, laptops or tablets (link to LearnPad etc) provisioned from a charging trolley can be a viable alternative and avoid tying up a classroom specifically for ICT use.


There are compensating factors though, laptops are typically more expensive than comparable desktops and can be more awkward to maintain. You’ll probably need spare equipment to compensate for dead batteries or faults.


The Wi-Fi system needs to be very well specified and robust (link to wireless survey blog) and security is more difficult to arrange for portable devices. We’d be very happy to advise you on the best alternative for your school.


A complete ICT suite design will include a survey of the school’s network that will support it. Adequate bandwidth in the room, to the school network and to the internet, are essential.


If there are a number of mobile devices, a wireless survey (insert relevant link) is vital too. ICT equipment is valuable and can be an easy target so you’ll need to consider CCTV security (insert relevant link), including CCTV outside if the ICT suite is on the ground floor.


Finally, technical support for the whole ICT Suite is fundamental to getting the full benefit of the facility (insert relevant link here) and the replace/repair/refresh policy for damaged or old ICT hardware should be carefully considered too.

Rest Assured with Trusol

Trusol has the experience and understanding to help you achieve the perfect ICT suite for your school.

Whether it is a refurbishment or a complete rebuild, for an infant, primary or secondary classroom we can help you create an inspirational and proactive place to learn.