Interactive Classroom Systems

Gone are the days when investing in classroom technology meant nothing more than choosing which colour of chalk or pen to use on the teaching board. High definition, large screen, interactive, touch panels are the new and exciting way forward for interactive teaching and collaborative learning. Sizes range from 32” to 84” with the option of 1080p High Definition or 4K Ultra HD clarity with ultra-bright, crisp displays and up to 7 years warranties available on some products.

As an accredited reseller and installer for the leading vendors of educational focussed interactive classroom screens, Trusol is proud to be able to recommend, supply and install a range of interactive touch screens from trusted manufacturers including Promethean, CLEVERTOUCH, CTOUCH, Samsung and Genee World.

There is such a big choice of interactive touch screen and software solutions available on the market to suite a diverse range of teaching needs and budget constraints. However, the time it takes to research, understand and evaluate the various screens and packages can take weeks or even months. Luckily we’ve done all the work for you and have a selection of trusted products which we can discuss with you to see which ones best fit your school’s needs. We will then organise demo’s at your school for any of those screens that we collectively feel may be a good fit for your teachers and students. We can also organise to loan you your preferred screen choice for a week at your school so that you can evaluate it in your environment and in your own time.


Witness the modern classroom with Promethean’s range of interactive classroom ActivPanels.

The next generation ActivPanel, powered by Promethean’s external Android processor, creates a seamless teaching and learning experience that brings all content and classroom interactivity to life in one easy solution.

The ActivPanel is a fully connected interactive display that provides tablet like functionality for the classroom. Teachers and students can interact with content, simultaneously write and draw on the surface or mirror classroom tablet activities in a fully engaged and collaborative environment.

Wirelessly mirror Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome or Android mobile devices, including laptops, tablets or smartphones onto any ActivPanel by scanning a QR code or entering an access code…….. it’s mirroring made simple with the built-in ActivCast App from Promethean.

Available in sizes from 55” to 75” in the 1080P High Definition range or up to 84” if you are looking for a 4K UHD screen, the screens can be wall mounted in a static position or offered as either a fixed or mobile height adjustable option.

With the comfort of a strong educational brand in Promethean, with it’s built in speakers and five-year onsite warranty, the ActivPanel is a popular choice amongst many schools around the world.

Trusol is a trusted reseller and installer of the Promethean ActivPanel and is here to provide you with any impartial advice you may need as well as organise demonstrations of the ActivPanel for you at your school.

Teachers and students can interact with web content, simultaneously write and draw and connect mobile devices to mirror content and collaborate allowing teachers to wirelessly share their lessons to easily access content and use their favourite apps!


Designed for education, the Clevertouch range of interactive touch screens have found their way into thousands of classroom spaces.
From the Clevertouch V-Series to the Clevertouch Plus range, there will be a product which meets your needs and fits your budget.
The British designed, award winning Clevertouch large format series of interactive touch screens from Sahara is based around existing well established display screens which are commonly used in education spaces but is built and delivered without compromise.
With an all metal frame, 4mm anti-glare toughened safety glass, 20 point multi-touch with gesture recognition, offered in 1080P High Definition or 4K UHD resolutions, with the new LUX user interface and five year on site warranty, the Clevertouch Plus is a market leader in today’s interactive classroom space. Available in various sizes ranging from 55” to 84” and with a range of award winning educational software packages including DisplayNote, Snowflake, CLEVERLYNX and CLEVERMATHS, these screens really are a popular choice for teachers in Primary and secondary school environments.
The Clevertouch Plus range of interactive classroom panels have an in product App called CLEVERSTORE that helps your students enjoy the best classroom experience while making the Clevertouch Plus useful straight out of the box.
This creative interactive screen format allows students to visualise and collaborate as never before. The Clevertouch range comprises a truly innovative and rich technology powered by Android to create a unique classroom user experience.
To find out more information about the Clevertouch range of interactive screens or to request a quote or an on-site demonstration, please call Trusol today.


CTOUCH offer the latest generation of interactive large format touch displays designed for use in the classroom.
The CTOUCH Laser air range is the next generation of interactive displays, opening up the world of touch technology, increasing engagement, involvement and collaboration. Designed to look great in the classroom, CTOUCH displays are packed full of useful features to ensure maximum productivity and return on investment.
From a sleek looking screen with a narrow bezel, toughened safety glass, built-in Android and Wi-Fi, ten point multi-touch with gesture recognition and a comprehensive 7 year warranty, these screens are a favourite choice with many schools.
Couple with that the Oktopus Collaborative Software which comes part and parcel with every Laser Air screen and the fact that the built in Wi-Fi generates a classroom Wi-Fi hotspot for joining tablets easily within the learning environment.
Available in screen sizes ranging from 55” to 70” (75” for the Laser Air+ options) and with fixed or height adjustable mounting options, there will be a C-TOUCH screen available to meet your needs.
If you need a larger screen, the 84” or even 98” option is available in the CTOUCH LEDURA XTS range with offer 4K Ultra High definition and 20 point multi-touch.
For free impartial advice on the full range of CTOUCH interactive screens, contact Trusol now.


The G-Touch Classroom range of interactive touchscreens provide teachers with the latest functionality and are designed to empower presentations and lessons at a price point which is attractive to the schools with limited budgets.
10-point touch technology means that students are able to interact directly on the screen at the same time, allowing them to take part in multi-user tasks at the front of the classroom.
All G-Touch screens come with 4mm toughened glass and anti-glare surfaces which eliminates the need to switch off lights or draw the curtains as was often necessary with the former interactive whiteboard and projector solutions.
G-Touch interactive touchscreens are designed with the option of adding a purpose built PC (i3, i5 or i7) utilising a simple ‘slide-in’ OPS slot. Once in situ, both the PC unit and touchscreen are controlled by a single power switch at the front of the screen.

Designed specifically for classroom use and with a screen life of 50,000 hours, with 8 hours a day usage, 365 days a year, means you can expect a life-span of over 15 years.

The 5 year UK Genee Warranty also provides you with the assurance that your investment will last.

Every G-Touch touchscreen within the Classroom Range is supplied with Genee’s unique Classroom Software range including the LEARN Infiniti Suite which includes SPARK, ClassComm and CubeShare, along with the new Project Flow Classroom Management Package for designing and controlling collaborative mobile classroom lessons.


LearnPad provides a suite of tools, designed specifically to provide teachers with the right tools to deliver digital learning.

The LearnPad Murus whole class giant ‘interactive tablet’ is a vibrant asset to the entire LearnPad range of products which offers hundreds of ways to be used creatively, such as a collaborative tool to share work, as a real-time peer assessment tool or as a focal point for group challenges or whole class presentations.

With its attention-grabbing display and whole class interactive learning tool, the multi-functional presentation device is a great way to allow teachers to create a collaborative classroom focal point with attention-grabbing displays.