Networking & Electrical

Electrical and data networks are like the blood vessels of a modern school, unseen but essential to daily life. Trusol excels in data network cabling infrastructure design, installation, testing & commissioning.

We employ multiple teams of specialist cabling engineers who between them have unrivalled certification and experience in this discipline. All of them are enhanced DBS certified and most have worked for Trusol for the past 10+ years.


A properly specified and well installed data network is an essential educational tool. As well as a very high standard of workmanship and professionalism from all our engineers, Trusol’s key strength is its ability to react and deliver unquestionable network solutions in very short timescales.Plus Trusol are able to offer 25 year system warranties on ALL network cable installations, ranging from Category 5e, 6 and Category 6a systems though to Fibre Optic installations.

Trusol are able to run diagnostic tests on your schools IP infrastructure to be able to identify any problematic devices, bottlenecks or loops on your network.

Alongside this our network specialists can also offer advice on switch upgrades in order to optimise network speeds and available bandwidth while also offering switch configuration with VLAN’s and Quality of Service (QoS) parameters applied to maximise your network performance.

Whether you need Gigabit or 10GB connectivity over copper or fibre networks, standard switching or Power over Ethernet (PoE) switching, one of our network specialists is here to assist you.

The cabling team is managed by BICSI RCDD personnel, each with more than 15 years individual experience in the Telecommunications Infrastructure Industry and the level of expertise of Industry Standards within the Company, ensures that only the highest performing cabling systems are delivered every time.




Managing, optimising and extending a data network is much easier when the data cabinets containing the routers, switches and patch cables are in good order. Over time cabinets can become a rat’s nest of cables and overfull of equipment.


Trusol offers cabinet audits and patching services to schools who have messy, unmanageable cabinets, utilising colour coded patch leads for dedicated services and a physical cabinet upgrade as well when space optimisation is an issue.


As a NIC-EIC certified company, Trusol’s electricians are able to work on your existing electrical circuits in school in order to troubleshoot any issues, modify existing services or install new sockets or lighting circuits as required.Our electrical department will offer impartial advice on the most suitable electrical installation type for your school and will conduct an assessment of your existing circuitry before providing any kind of a proposed solution.

This way we can be sure that all of your electrical services remain within the industry regulations and most of all safe to you and your students.

All of our electrical work will be certified by our approved NIC-EIC electrical supervisors, a copy of the test certification being issued to you as part of any completed installation


Whether you need electrical services. Data cabling with Gigabit or 10GB connectivity over copper or fibre networks, standard switching or Power over Ethernet (PoE) switching for your school, Trusol’s team of qualified electrical and network specialists is here to assist you.