School Hall Audio Visual

Trusol has the right projection solutions for your school hall. Coupled with these are audio systems ranging from small powered speakers through to large production audio systems; all offered with full audio mixing capabilities and handheld, lapel clip or permanently suspended radio microphones. Trusol can make your school productions, assemblies and stage show come to life.

From large electric projection screens in school halls with ceiling mounted projectors to systems with offset, side mounted projectors, Trusol have a suitable projection solution for your school hall.

Coupled with these are audio systems ranging from small powered speakers through to large production audio systems; all offered with full audio mixing capabilities and hand held, lapel clip or permanently suspended radio microphones. Trusol can make your school productions, assemblies and stage shows come to life.


Not long ago the projector in the school hall was a low output low-resolution machine on a rickety trolley mount. Difficult to use, difficult to see and exposed to damage.We work mainly with Epson who have a particularly good range of high output, reliable projectors at surprisingly good prices. Including models that are remotely managed so, it’s possible to adjust the settings or check the lamp without physical access to the projector.

Modern digital projectors have a surprising range of settings, including the option to side mount on a hall wall rather than be centrally placed in front of the screen, though we would suggest a guard be fitted to protect is when the hall is used for sporting purposes!

The precise choice of projector for your school hall is very dependent on hall size, planned use and budget, give us a call and we’d be pleased to advise on the best choice for your building.


A good projector deserves a good screen. It’s not always the largest screen that is best either. If the screen is too large viewers need to constantly refocus to see all the image, too small and it might be difficult to see from some positions in the room. A good starting point for a hall is that the screen width should be one-fifth of the distance to the last row of the audience.

Most screens are electrically operated and descend from the hall ceiling; though this isn’t always the best option and when ceiling heights are greater than average. Side mounting or a double suspension system may be a better choice. Trusol has installed many different school hall systems and is always able to advise on the best screen to use choice.


Specifying and installing school hall systems is not as straightforward as it seems, every building is different and every requirement varies. The basic questions are: How large is the hall? What is the hall used for? What quality and volume is required is it primarily for speech, easy listening, classical music, school play or disco? (Do they still happen?)  Is the system a fixed installation fixed or in a mobile trolley, will the speakers be used inside or might they be moved outside for events?  Attention to these details when the system is specified and installed will pay dividends.This is an area where it’s easily possible to mistake optimistic specifications for quality, particularly with audio systems.  High street retailers commonly sell black boxes with apparently impressive specifications which turn out poor performance and reliability.  Choosing good, robust, conservatively specified equipment will give a long and happy life.

Even the best systems sound awful when badly setup and adjusted. How will the system users be trained? Who is going to change the batteries in the microphones? Do you have AV support in the school or will you require regular service visits?

Trusol can provide full specification, installation, and support of school hall audio systems.

We may be merely players, playing our parts, but the right school hall projection and AV systems will make the playing so much better. 

Trusol has supplied many school hall systems installed them carefully, trained the primary users and adjusted/maintained them when required. We’ll do a great job with yours too.