Wireless Networks

The Wi-Fi which supports the mobile learning environment within many schools is becoming an area of the infrastructure which needs to be robust, reliable and have the ability to support ever increasing numbers of wireless devices.

Trusol has extensive experience, fully trained wireless engineers and currently supports wireless networks in over 250 schools across London. We provide wireless surveys, performance & coverage reports along with design proposals. We can then supply, install, commission and maintain state of the art schools wireless networks, taking away the frustrations normally associated with wireless networking and allowing your staff to confidently focus on teaching in a mobile classroom environment.

For the school.

We understand that a schools wireless network needs to be affordable, reliable and easy to manage. We are experts in helping schools get the most out of wireless technology by implementing bespoke, reliable, scalable, flexible, secure and fully managed Wi-Fi systems. You will be able to connect unlimited numbers of wireless devices from anywhere in the school environment without having to worry about the signal strength or wireless network performance.

For the students


A well planned and reliable wireless network opens up new learning spaces around your school. Students can learn in the ways that best suit their individual needs at any time, during lunch breaks, before or after school, indoors or outside. A good Wi-Fi network gives better access to Internet learning resources and supports the growing trend of bring your own device (BYOD) while providing good connectivity for students who use assistive learning technology.

For the teachers
Trusol brings network and internet availability to your teaching space over a reliable and effective Wi-Fi connection so that you don’t have to worry about the logistics associated with moving your students to designated ICT areas of the school.
You will have peace of mind in knowing that mobile computers, smartphones and tablets can be used around the school to access learning material quickly and easily from the internet or from the school servers, wherever you happen to be.


Through our sister company Simpli-Fi, Trusol can provide “Wireless as a Service”, deploying a secure, managed wireless network within your school. We take care of the overall design, installation, management and support elements of the proposed wireless network, all within a fixed service level agreement. This enables you to make better use of your ICT budget and allows your teachers to concentrate their efforts on delivering the Curriculum through ICT without the worries of system performance or reliability. 

The benefits to you and your school for considering Wireless as a Service are:

  • No capital investment on expensive hardware – So your school gets up to date technology within its budget.
  • No maintenance fees – So you spend in the most important areas, equipment and support.
  • No hardware depreciation – so you’re not left with outdated kit after 3 years.
  • A daily service helpdesk and 24/7 monitoring of your wireless network performance – giving you peace of mind that the system works.
  • Expert specification service – means secure, consistent and reliable connectivity.

Contact Trusol today to find out how we can help you improve your schools wireless network, thus improving the ability to teach and learn in a truly mobile environment.

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